AZCDL Protecting Arizona gun rights.

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AZCDL, Arizona Citizens Defense League, is a 15 year old local organization that lobbies Arizona legislators to maintain and protect Arizona gun rights. There are currently 25,000 members in Arizona there should be one million.

A friend and I visited 23 local gun stores and only 3 out of the 23 even heard of AZCDL. That is surprising since they are in the firearms business and AZCDL has helped pass several major gun laws in the past few years. If you are in the industry, contact me to help support AZCDL.

If you live in Arizona and are not a member, join. It will be the best $40 you ever invested @

These are the recent AZCDL accomplishments
  • Constitutional Carry – Restoration of the right of law-abiding adults to carry openly or discreetly without first seeking written permission from the government via a “permit .”

    Prohibiting state and local government officials from confiscating lawfully held firearms during a state of emergency.

    Strengthened state preemption of firearm and knife laws.

    Strengthened protection of the lawful use of firearms, air gun and archery equipment on private lands.

    Requiring state and local government buildings or events that prohibit weapons to provide temporary and secure storage that is readily accessible on entry and permits immediate retrieval upon exit.

    Prohibiting the courts from ordering the forfeiture of a firearm when a person is convicted of carrying in a state or local building where weapons are banned.

    Prohibiting political subdivisions (counties, cities, towns, etc.) from requiring or maintaining de facto registration records of firearms, or their owners, related to the temporary storage process

    Prohibiting state and local governments from maintaining identifying information of a person who owns, possesses, purchases, sells or transfers a firearm, except in the course of a law enforcement investigation.

    Preventing private or public employers, property owners, and others from banning firearms in a locked vehicle.

    Prohibiting firearms seized, abandoned or surrendered from being scrapped. They must be sold to authorized dealers.

    Repealing the prohibition on carrying a firearm in a game refuge.

    Allow possession of otherwise “prohibited” weapon (i.e., for self-defense) while hunting.

    Expanding the places where a weapon can be carried without a CCW permit in a vehicle to include a “map pocket.” (superseded by Constitutional Carry law).

    Prohibiting unlawfully requiring a person to use or subject themselves to “electronic firearms tracking technology,” a component of “smart gun” technology that limits the
    operation of a firearm as well as tracking its location and logging its use.

    Prohibiting state and local governments from requiring the search of any federal or state databases as a requirement for transferring personal property, such as your firearm.

    Clarifying that state and local governments cannot regulate the possession of weapons by employees or contractors in or on their privately owned property or vehicles.

    Bankruptcy exemption for personal firearms.

    Repeal of decades old ban on the possession of nunchakus.
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