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Has anyone else done the Archangel conversion on a Mosin Nagant?

I did a conversion that took a couple months to build and in the end I thought it was well worth it. I started with a 1943 M9130 and slapped the ProMag Archangel stock on but still wanted more, as the Mosin Nagant in itself is an accurate rifle, I wanted to push it. I dropped in a Timney 1.5-7lb adjustable trigger that replaced the old worn out spring trigger to give it a crisp, glass breaking snap. After that i wanted a scope, so i browsed around Amazon and researched a couple .308 worthy scopes and surprisingly one of the top 8 was one named FSI and Amazon had it for around $100. It had a 6-24x56 reticle with red and green illuminated crosshairs. Since it was relativity pretty cheap and easily replaceable and I thought I'd give it a shot. Not a bad decision. Next was the Barrel. I went to a local gunsmith that specialized in working on Mosin Nagants and he did it right. The Barrel was cut down to 26" and topped with an American Armory Compensator, which was a world of improvement on the kick these mules give. Since it was in the shop and i wanted a better rail, I went with the Rock Solid Industries MI-24C Full Length Sniper Rail, and it made all the difference. The only issue I ran into was the scope hitting the rail on the aftermarket scope rings, an easy fix with taller ones. Now with the rail, you need to cant the bolt, so I went with the ATI bent bolt kit and with a little help from a friend of mine, it was pinned and welded on. Since the bolt was out, i decided to upgrade the Bolt Spring, another product sold by Rock Solid Industries is the wolf spring. Stronger, crisper firing action from the bolt. Recommendation depending on how crisp you want everything to be. A Couple extras I added were the ProMag lower rail, and UTG BiPod.

All in all, time and money well spent if you like simple builds and converting older weapons to modern standards. I had a lot of fun doing it and punching holes at a distance I didn't think would be possible.

I will try to add photos later if anyone would like to see the finished product.

M9130 Mosin Nagant - $120
Timney Adj. Trigger - $100
FSI Scope - $1oo
Barrel Cut - $100
American Armory Comp. - $60
Rock Solid Ind MI-24C Rail - $100 (Install - $80)
ATI Bent Bolt and Install - $75
Wolf Spring - $20
ProMag Rail - $20
UTG BiPod - $30
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